»ubix connects worlds!

+ We offering you the best of automation technology and the Internet of Things.

  • Stable, field-tested process automation
  • Flexible reporting of data over the web
  • Robust and streamlined communication

»What ubix can do

+ Remote meter reading

  • Collects metering data (e.g., via M-Bus), directly at the meter/CPU, while accounting for converter factors, or as a pulse signal
  • Stores data on a SD card within a time-synchronized gateway and transmits data via VPN over secured wireless connections
  • Fine tunes measuring cycles and data transfer rates for optimizing wireless service costs

+ Energy management

  • Reports the data in trend graphs or dynamic process diagrams, or as export data via CSV and XML files, or via an interface to the accounting system as a complete meter reading order
  • Compares the time series data of different meters using analysis tools

+ Alarm system

  • Escalates error readings in multiple-stages via SMS, email, or voice call
  • Clearly represents plant conditions on facility maps and dynamic tables
  • Differentiates errors according to status
  • Easily configures alarm limits based on measured analog inputs

+ Virtual power plant

  • Bundles plants under one virtual power plant (e.g., provides load management and safeguards supply capacity) for marketing the overall output of plant-optimized tertiary and secondary reserves to energy traders
  • Readily exchanges energy traders without extensive plant modifications
  • Implements intelligent algorithms: Marginal costs, operation modes, and e.g., the balancing of operating hours determine the behavior of the virtual power plant

+ Process visualisation

  • Visualizes any process
  • Depicts live values in dynamic graphics
  • Configures decentralized plants parameters
  • Standardizes heterogeneous plant portfolios with identical graphic displays

+ Measuring point concepts

  • Continuously collects process data for plant monitoring and as the basis for predictive maintenance or quality management
  • Measures and interprets energy data for plant optimization (ISO 50001) and consumer-related cost allocation
  • Captures and depicts current and historic Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for production as well as provides business logic evaluations

+ Field devices

  • Offers a broad portfolio of available interfaces and protocols (e.g. ModBus TCP/RTU, OPC DA/UA, IEC 60870-5-104, EN 62056-21, M-Bus EN 13757, BACnet, RS-232, and RS-485)
  • Links with building technology and process control engineering controllers, as well as sensors (Siemens, Wago, Phoenix Contact, Weidmüller, Samson, Kieback & Peter, Beckhoff Automation, Saia-Burgess Controls)
  • Connects field devices via wireless communications (GSM, UMTS, LTE) or DSL using secure VPN systems

»Advantages at a glance

  • Compatibility with existing systems
  • Secure access using state-of-the-art communication paths
  • Dashboards with live data
  • Plant process diagrams with live data
  • Alarm system with escalation features
  • Decentralized measurement and control – centralized processing, display, and consolidation

  • Acts as one large system thanks to “Sharing economy”.
  • Obtain transparency and control through dashboards and KPIs with live data
  • Choose between itemized or collective reporting of the energy and economic performance of plants, measuring points, districts, buildings, clusters
  • Ensure smooth integration of gathered data into existing systems (ERP, MES, Risk Management, accounting)

  • Customized plant data reporting for your end customers
  • Gain marketing opportunities with Virtual Power Plant and remote controls acc. to the German EEG
  • Create prospects for new service offers to customers

»Your added value through ubix

+ Software-as-a-Service

By freeing you from the need for additional IT infrastructure, running expenses will correspond with the services you use. This advantage will provided you with a flexible, modular, and expandable solution wherever you want – matching the investment volume of your plant – without high capital commitment, without high personnel costs.

+ Customer-specific client structure

Your data will be kept separate and secure from your field infrastructure.

+ Sharing economy concept

Leverage our result-driven technologies to empower your decision-making without the need for additional resources. You will have use and access to extensive features, such as heat demand forecasting, that will enable a multitude of potential forms of value exchange.

+ State-of-the-art web front-end

You will be provided with 100% web-based services so that everything looks as good as it works!

+ Central business logic

Central business logic represents an ideal solution for controlling your decentralized processes under superordinate themes.

+ Open interfaces

Open interfaces prevent process interruptions and offer integration of third-party systems.

+ IT operations

Benefit from reliable IT operations secured inside a certified data center in Germany and delivered to you as an integral part of our service.

+ Service

Our comprehensive customer support service is committed to customer satisfaction. From the moment of installation, you will receive optimal support for a range of options- i.e., from IT operations to mobile device solutions, from terminal to tablet computer.

Likewise, professional project management and process engineering knowledge particular to your field are part of our service portfolio. This ensures that you are provided with a one-stop solution and a single point of contact, even for complex tasks.

»We at ubix

ubix is a product of UBIX GmbH. With the backing of the shareholders, Samson AG and Bilfinger GreyLogix, we combine industry-specific process engineering knowledge with technical know-how and many years of experience. Our motivation is to shape dynamic markets through innovation and to offer our customers a range of integrated services.

We supply our customers a full set of services under one roof, including project management, documentation, hardware, software, and flexible solutions starting at the terminal all the way to web visualization.

Our in-depth understanding of the processes relevant to your industry sets us apart from other companies in our market segment. Coupled with our ability to work in partnership with our customers, our approach to professional project management allows for extensive support and ensures project success.

We love technology and consider complexity an invitation to enhance our lives. This is how we stay on top of dynamic changes and technological advancements in our industry while providing our customers a solution with clear added value.


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